There is a need for an integrated resume-sharing platform that is easy to use, and less formal than LinkedIn, but more focused on genuine connection.

What it does

ResuMe is the Bitly for resumes that allows for storing, searching, and easy transfer of resumes.

How we built it

  • The mobile app was developed in Swift with Xcode and UIKit.
  • The website was built with React, Express.js, and Sass.

Challenges we ran into

  • New hackathoners
  • Doing everything remote
  • Faced some annoying bugs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Lightning fast app performance
  • Working deployment
  • Time Management and Building around the clock
  • Integration between mobile and web applications
  • Clean Workflows

What we learned

  • Nathan: QRCodes, Shake Gestures, Cameras, URLSessionTasks, PDFKit
  • Alexander: Npm can be broken, Connect React to Express.js
  • Alex: Learned how to work with a team. Coding asynchronously. Using different Git workflow branches. Working with .pdf files is tricky.
  • Tom: Management and Presentation. Team Leader and kept the team on track.

What's next for ResuME

  • Grammar and Spell checking with suggestions has been implemented in the back-end pending further review and front-end development
  • Small static profiles to go alongside resumes.
  • Easy transfer between mobile device back to desktop - perhaps by using airdrop.
  • Prompt on mobile application to record how you met the person who's resume you collected, and what you talked about, and more...
  • Ability to store multiple versions of resumes, such as an unabridged copy, one including a bio, and a single-pager.
  • Resume view stats

  • We plan on entering the beginner track, as we have 3 new Hackathon Participants.

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