Tailoring a resume to a job posting is very time consuming and not everyone know how to make an effective one.

What it does

Searches job posting for key words which are used to effectively create a resume that will highlight relevant skills and experience. Helps remove necessary information from resumes and increases the chances of candidates to move further into the employment process.

How we built it

Used web development tech including html, css, bootstrap, javascript. Search algorithm to find key words from existing set of data and give an output of tailored questions to eventually build a resume for the job posting.

Challenges we ran into

search algorithms, updating questions based on inputs, carrying data forward to display a final resume

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it works effectively, and makes sure people have the right mindset while making their resumes for a job they like

What we learned

learned how to create styles, and use existing code from other programmers for things that are beyond our scope

What's next for Resume Guider

make a better searching algorithm and better output questions to make it easier for students to apply with confidence and build their future. also add a component that analyses their time allocations vs results to tell them where to invest their time in the future

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