Resumatch is an IOS application that allows job recruiters to give feedback to applicants by reviewing resumes. Applicants can upload their resume and add specific tags, such as desired job position, at the time of upload that recruiters can use to search for their resume. The feature of swiping right by a recruiter allows the applicant to know that they like their resume as well as adding it to a list of desired resumes for the recruiter to view in the future. If the recruiter swipes left on a resume, it means they do not see potential in the candidate. If an applicant is not getting likes on their resume then this signifies that they should re-think their resume and its content. The applicant will get to view the recruiters information if swiped right and can follow up if desired. The purpose of this application is to connect recruiters and applicants so that the recruiters will receive better resumes and applicants will be guided in the right direction.

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