The Scenario

As a first year in a tech degree, comparing yourself to your seniors working at top 4 tech companies can be very overwhelming. We have all gone through the pain of scrolling endlessly on LinkedIn and finding 3rd years and 4th years who secured a job in Google, Apple, Facebook, admiring their amazing side projects and created start-ups that are impacting the society. While you just sit there in awe admiring all the resumes, you begin to panic thinking about how you will be able to achieve all of this in your undergraduate degree. In this moment of panic, you might make a checklist of all the tasks that you have to do, but it keeps expanding to the point where it becomes impossible to pursue.

How we help you

This is where Resumabuilder comes to your rescue. It is exactly what you need to get the job of your dreams. Not only does it allow you to compare your current resume to your ideal resume, it also gives you a progress tracker to achieve the perfect resume that you want. While there exists multiple resume builders available online, they merely help to fill in and format information. What gives us the edge over the others is our comparison and progress feature. It allows multiple users to sign in and upload their resume, as well as upload the ideal resume they are striving towards. The program gives each user the feasibility to dynamically change their ideal resume as they keep progressing in their career. The program breaks down both resumes into sub categories, including as industry experience, skills, interests and side projects and compare them using the advanced algorithm we created. Each subcategory has its own progress bar which allows you to break down your big long-term goal into several smaller doable goals.

The Process

Our website application utilizes the top-down design, which helped us break down the problem into simpler tasks, as well as enable each member to focus on their specific tasks. We individually learned how to create a website page using html and styling it using CSS, integrating it with mongo DB and finally using JavaScript to create an appropriate algorithm for comparison. The most crucial step was to finally integrate the front-end with the back-end, and then use a database to store the results and keep updating upon the click of a button. In addition, we developed the soft skills of organized group brainstorming, negotiating over project ideas and possible solutions, identifying and scoping the problem, thinking of the functional basis, and expanding the solution space. Moreover, we as a team went from being from being complete strangers online to being solid teammates with an excellent chemistry and team dynamics. We went through the stages of forming, storming, norming to performing.


Handling the conflict, whether internally in a team or a technical error, is what helps one grow. One of the examples was when we decided to use the Kotlin language for doing all the back-end and the front-end. We tried exploring the language for its uses it both fields, but ultimately found that it was difficult to go ahead with a language of which we only knew the very basics. After trying to program, brainstorm, and ask the mentors for advice, it was found out that using separate languages for front-end and back-end would be better and faster. We did not change our focus of achieving the comparison feature but merely changed the path.

Upcoming updates

  • Generate the Goal Resume by parsing other resumes
  • Cater to specific types of goal jobs
  • Create a custom, personal resume for the user based on their input
  • A leaderboard so you can compete with your idols! (work till your idols become your rivals)

This is our solution for the problem every beginner developer faces.

Welcome to Resumabuilder, where we help prepare you for your future!

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