Inspiration - Patient satisfaction, empowerment and a good continuity of care for patients by their GP

What it does - It gives patients the ability to access the location of their preferred labs for diagnostic services and also gives them access to their labs with reference links for interpretation. Patients can also call their doctors via the platform when they have abnormal results. This also allows patients to receive messages when their lab results are ready and view them via a given link.

How we built it - At the first, we had no idea what Git, APIs were or even how to use programming languages to code. But with the help of the mentors, the team’s hard work and enthusiasm to learn, we were able to use the various platforms available to us and managed to build a pretty awesome website from scratch which has envisioned our idea in the best way possible.

Challenges we run into - no coding experience, fine-tuning the idea as we went on to fit our level of expertise and still express our idea fully.

Accomplishments that we are proud of - able to work together from different backgrounds and no coding experience and we managed to build a functional website to solve the issue we envisioned.

What we learned - we learnt to use python, GitHub, nexmo, CSS, HTML, pycharm among others to create a functional website in less than 24 hours.

What next - we will continue working to improve the functionality of the website and get a live website running and look forward to finally making an app.

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