We are students studying at the University of Waterloo. One of the key features of our program is the Co-op program which allows us to work in the middle of our education. However, being a student and a job seeker at the same time can be very difficult. One of the problems students face in their job search is an inadequate résumé. Hence we aimed to create an application with features to help improve student résumés. As of January 17th, 2020, our features are:


  1. Keyword Match and Replace
  2. Job Description match Percentage
  3. Information Input and Resume Builder

Note: The User can store a static resume that can be used throughout the program

Keyword analysis

Our Keyword analysis feature scans the users resume and identifies the keywords that are missing when compared with the job descriptions of the users desired job. This is achieved by firstly scrapping all the job descriptions from job posting sites such as Indeed, secondly, we filter out the commonly used words across all the postings. These are then labelled as the keywords for that specific job. Lastly, we compare the users resume with our list of keywords and aware the user of the keywords that they are missing.

Resume builder

Takes a job description and personal info and produces a resume based on a latex template

Match jobs

Takes an query and a resume and produces the jobs which are the best match

Note: The Java front end and Python Scripts are not fully integrated as of now, however, the individual python scripts all work

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