Seeing how IoT is changing many aspects of our lives, we noticed one entity being left out. Restaurants seem to be stuck using traditional methods to take orders and payments. Some have tried to introduce a small amount of change into this area to help only the customers, but the businesses seem left out. We wanted both customers, businesses, and wait staff to benefit from this new technology.

What it does

Restronaut decreases table turnaround time by an estimated 35%. It does this by removing the biggest waiting periods of a visit. There are many times that you are waiting on the waiter, such as when you are ready to order or ready for the check. With a projected 6.1 billion smartphone subscriptions estimated by 2020*, it is the perfect time to start rolling out large scale platforms such as this.

How we built it

We created the customer experience with an android app that connects to the Firebase server. The user connects to the database through an NFC chip that would be on the restaurant's table. Or, if the customer did not have NFC, they would enter the code printed on the NFC chip.

Payments are handled through Stripe so that we do not save any sensitive information. This allows for point to point encryption for extra security.

We created a website made with Angular and Ionic that links to the same Firebase that displays customers orders as they are made. This would be what the kitchen staff see.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had issues implementing a gallery like view into Android but ended up solving it soon after.
  • There was trouble in implementing Stripe payment gateway and we ended up having to not use that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an app that can manage orders and send them to kitchen staff. We stand behind our work and think it is a terrific idea.

What we learned

After interviewing over 20 people we realized that there is a huge need for this. People are unhappy with the current solutions, such as Ziosk, and think there should be a streamlined process.

What's next for Restronaut

Next is to implement the apps and web portals for the waiters, management, and corporate. This is where they would see their analytics and manage the customers experience.

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