Inspiration Being students, we spend an excessive amount of time on our phones wasting valuable hours, we could be spending productively, on social media living our lives vicariously through others. We recognised the power of time and the potential doors it can open if it is utilised effectively.

What it does Our app can give you the power to restrict your chosen mobile apps to manage your time meaningfully and create that healthy balance between virtual and real life

How I built it We were able to build a mock up prototype which shows how our app would function. The prototype shows the features which show a users experience and user interface.

Challenges I ran into Our biggest challenge is that our app had some technical flaws which due to some mechnaisems not being available i the market.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of How far we've come in a short space of time watching our idea go from paper to prototype and the fact that we are able to tackle a very important problem

What I learned we learnt that team work makes the dream work.

What's next for Restrict hopefully we will be able to overcome the technical difficulties and see our app on app store.

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