Curiosity of how an API functions internally and how an app exactly runs on a remote server. How is a database designed, choosing the right database.people can also consume the api to get knowledge about different methods like post put etc and working of an api.can also use in other frontend application.

What it does

Serve JSON records of cricket player data based on the given endpoint along with a playground in react to enter your query and get the object or data of players, with name age runs etc

How I built it

It's a full stack web application the backend is built using nodejs expressjs mongoose and we used mongodb as database.first we scraped through the espn website to get data and populated the db then built appropriate routes for different queries. We also containarised the backend and deployed on google kubernetes engine.

Challenges I ran into

Deploying the backend to gke was a little difficult, configuring it is a tedeous task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud thate we build a full stack application in just two days that is the backend frontend and deployment.

What I learned

MERN Stack, Docker, Load sharing within team members

What's next for Restric

Documentation, FAQs, more end points, more data, different language support

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