Many monuments and cultural heritage have been affected by Russia's attack on Ukraine. We want to restore this heritage together using DeFi for fair work and payments on the restoration of Ukraine!

Google map used for:

  • Review facilities list and visualize main data. Google maps represent all facilities, allow search by city and filter all items in the list.
  • Check facility location when we open facility details.
  • User can add location into map when create new facility.

What it does

Service use smart-contracts, validate participants and have rating to prevent misuse of finances. Everyone can offer a facility (temples, monuments, theaters, zoos etc.) for support or restore. Investors can support this project financially and receive a unique NFT for each contribution with an image of this cultural heritage.

Performers provide information about the company (or private entrepreneur) and will be verified for more confidence. They can offer its services for support/recovery of facility (describe goals, provide time planning and financial estimates).

Investors lock funds under facility and can vote for the performer. Performers that received more than 51% of the votes (by invested amount) may receive locked funds (50% immediately and the rest with linear unlock during an execution period). To receive each subsequent payment, the contractor must provide a reports for investors.

In the case when a contractor does not provide such information or doesn't supply defined results/quality, investors may vote to suspend funding (that affects performer rating) and can choose another performer.

NOTE: We use IPFS for media files, that's why sometimes images load with small delay.

How we built it

Build from scratch using NEAR Blockchain, React as frontend and Textile Filecoin storage for files. We use Google Map for simple visualization of facilities in Ukraine and clear representation, search and filter all facilities.

After local development I deployed smart-contract to testnet, register domain and upload frontend to the server. For now we testing how smart-contract work, data visualization and preparing community for work with this project.

Challenges we ran into

  • How to create DeFi with simple interface and Google Map integration for data visualization.
  • How to create facility as NFT and store additional information for this NFT using IPFS and blockchain.
  • How to develop voting system for performer proposals and chose who will be responsible and receive funding.
  • How to create linear unlock payments for performers.
  • How to limit performer account and "decentralize" work on restoration of Ukraine.

What we learned

  • How to create linear tokens unlock (token vesting).
  • How to use Textile Filecoin storage bridge.
  • How to mint NFT and store data in blockchain.
  • How to use Google Map service to provide best user experience for all users.

What's next for Restore Ukraine Together

  • Performer rating - for more trust and feedbacks.
  • NFT Gallery page - filter by facility and send some special benefits for investors. For example: NFT ticket for restored theater.
  • Fungible Token - project token with airdrops to investors.
  • Testnet & Community.
  • Mainnet launch.
  • Marketing & promotion.

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