The thing common between us is our love for travel. The idea came from my travel plan to India this December. While going to India I purposely booked an 11 hour layover in London to visit London for a day and while coming back to the US, I booked similar layover at Abu Dhabi. This was possible as one multi city ticket as American Airlines, Etihad and British Airways are part of the same alliance - One World.

What it does

When you enter your point of origin and destination, RestItOnMe gives you itinerary that have at least a 7 hour of layover at the hub cities of the airlines who fly that route. Currently because of time restrictions of hackathon (36 hours) our website only works for the route Atlanta to Mumbai for dates Feb 06, 2017 to Feb 16, 2017

How we built it

We built the back-end using Node.js and Google's QPX Express API. We built the front end using HTML/CSS and AngularJS. We deployed the web app to the cloud using Microsoft Azure. We later build the Android app using Java and the same Node.js backend.

Challenges we ran into

We were targeting Delta's routes as we were in Atlanta. So, we wanted to make our back-end using Delta's API but because of restricted access to no multi-city bookings we had to look for another API for our back-end. We decide to use QPX Express because of its amazing response time but we struggled to make it work for multi-city itinerary because of lack of documentation for it. After analyzing the body of JSON PUT request, we found a pattern and could analyze how to send multi-city flight data. Lastly we deployed the Web App to Azure to make it accessible everywhere.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proposal to increase Delta's revenue - one of the biggest airline in the world and one of the sponsors for HackGT. We could successfully also make an android app to complement our web app.

What we learned

We learned how to read and work around API documentations and get things running. Also we always can't be too idealistic, we also have to think about the company wants and revenue growth.

What's next for RestItOnMe

Possibility to work with Delta to bring this market of Stopover travel to Sky Team Alliance

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