RestHuman - API management for Bitbucket

RestHuman is an API management tool for Bitbucket. Using RestHuman you can easily test REST APIs from your repo page. It is powered by Atlassian Connect. It supports request methods like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE and OPTIONS. You can easily add headers or Basic Auth using the user interface. The request builder supports both raw and form request body. RestHuman also supports local request history powered by local storage.

Installation Steps

1) Enable Development mode for your bitbucket account by visiting and selecting "Enable development mode" checkbox.

2) Install the RestHuman app by visiting and granting access to your account. Confirm the successful installation of the RestHuman app by visiting and double checking that RestHuman app is displayed in the list of installed apps.

3) Go to your repo page. The RestHuman app will be available in the left Sidebar of your repo page e.g.

Sample APIs to test

Use the APIs from

Future Improvements

As of now the tool only supports CORS enabled secure APIs. Later it will allow you to test any APIs using a secure proxy.

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