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Besides the difficulties to heal from the Coronavirus, the Covid-19 epidemic's most important issue is its fast spreading. Quarantine has therefore been more or less imposed by governments. But the end of official quarantine will soon give place to a post-lockdown period, in which the continuation of social distancing will be a real challenge. Social distancing will still be vital to avoid a second wave of contamination. How to encourage social distancing while the lockdown is being eased?

What it does

The StayHome app offers a solution encouraging to respect the quarantine rules and more widely, social distancing, in order to avoid a second wave of contamination, save lives, and enable the reactivation of the economy. Because we believe that a feeling of responsibility is a powerful factor that encourages people to respect social distancing, we focused on how to raise awareness and therefore impact everyone’s actions.

The main functionality that our service features is a system that informs the user about the number of people he potentially contaminated in a day if he was carrying the virus. In fact, as massive testing isn’t yet possible in many countries, it is only sure that a person is contaminated if this person is sick from Coronavirus. So this system assumes that anyone is potentially contaminated.

The app StayHome contains the following functionnalities:

  • Indications of how many people the user potentially contaminated in a day. This number is based on the probability data of the Covid19 and its spread statistics, put in relation with the user’s outside activities (using his phone's geolocalisation and his home address).
  • A dashboard of the epidemic's progression based on European contamination cases and deaths. The data is presented through graphs or a map of EU and each country.
  • Complete, up to date and official information on the epidemic and governments' quarantine rules: medical progress and discoveries, sanitary prevention rules, certificates... Advice will also be shared in order to encourage organized homemade initiatives such as masks templates, hydroalcoholic recipes, nutrition, sport and health tips.
  • A quick daily form to check if the user has any Coronavirus symptoms. The health status of the users are visible on a map to show where people are more likely to be in contact with the virus.
  • Motivating and personal messages can be sent to random European citizens, to cheer them up and build a growing sens of community and solidarity in the crisis.
  • A peak hour graph, showing the time of the day when most people go out, in order to avoid the crowds and to be able to respect the 6 feet distance with other.

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How we built it

  • We chose to explore one of the most impactful issues of the crisis: social distancing, in order to find an innovative concept with really efficient solutions.
  • We tried to elaborate the perfect tool to prepare and educate people to live in this weird period, stay safe and keep others safe.
  • We worked as a team basing ourselves on our strength and facilities to be efficient and competent in our application domain.

We worked together and brought up ideas as well as researches to better understand the needs and problems for the coming weeks of post-lockdown. We found an innovative concept with efficient solutions to respect quarantine, social distancing, etc ... We have done collaborative work where each one had specific tasks to accomplish: UX and UI, prototyping, digital illustration, communication and video making. We used many softwares like Adobe XD, Illustrator, photoshop, PremierePro and Notion to lead our project.

Challenges we ran into

  • Try to focus on a few key issues of the crisis to avoid getting our objective lost.
  • Make the app accessible to the largest range of users through Europe.
  • Manage time and provide the most advanced MVP.

During the Hackathon we met constraints and challenges. The most complicated of them was to manage the time and the organization between the members of the group because we were all in a different place due to confinement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Offering a feasible and still ambitious solution, with a large impact on the Covis-19 epidemic.
  • Use our creativity and empathy to answer to a serious and international issue.
  • Participating in a challenging EU project with so many people from different countries.

Participating in this hackathon was an exciting experience that allowed us to improve our skills and be better in our domain but also to take part in an adventure with real challenges and contribute to a cause. We are proud of the solution we offer to the social distancing issue, as it concerns a maximum of users and is simple to implement in users' everyday life.

What we learned

  • Time pressure and crisis climate stimulate creativity!
  • Be creative, innovative and believe at 200% in our concept.
  • Gain experience and abilities to grow and evolve.

Being part of an event like this one is a real challenge and a big opportunity to learn and progress. It allowed us to work under pressure for a huge structure such as the European community, gain experience and abilities to grow and evolve, be creative, innovative as well as gain in organization, methodology and experience. This project was for sure an eye-opening experience!

What's next for "StayHome"

  • Develop the app and launch it.
  • Possibly use profiles to save data of users. Re-use it for other cases and diseases.
  • Always be a positive and ethical tool, neutral and independent.

The app now only waits to be developed and launched on the app stores to be available. In the future we plan to update some parts of the app, like develop the possibility to analyze the population flows. The app should of course always be a positive and ethical service that doesn't use personal data for commercial or political purposes.

Business Plan


  • Problem Analysis
  • Solution
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • The presentation of the team carrying out the project
  • Financials

Problem Analysis

The quarantine strategy is the best to stem the spread of the virus but it is not necessarily well respected by everyone. Why? Because people find it hard to visualize the real impact they have on the efforts they make to stay at home. But in the prospect of easing the lockdown, it is essential to raise awareness on social distancing's necessity. A need for open-air, social interaction in addition to the upcoming summer holidays, will bring people together and create a real risk of a second contamination wave.

Market Analysis

First, as many countries of Europe have not chosen to massively test their population, it is almost impossible to know if someone healthy is contaminated, so we will assume that anyone can carry the virus, even without showing the symptoms. These healthy carriers, who are the majority of the contaminated people, will not feel particularly vulnerable so and will have special difficulties to respect a progressive lifting of the lockdown... The principal targeted user of our app is therefore the potential healthy carriers, who are mostly under 60 years old. Young people are indeed less touched by the disease but being highly socially active, they have an important role in the spread of the virus.

We aim to gather a maximum of users in order to build a large database that can be used to have better visibility and understanding of the epidemic's spread. All data is shared safely and only with actors who are actively fighting the spread of COVID-19. The user will have the choice to share or not his information.

Marketing Strategy

YouTube and Instagram advertising can be a good way of communication, as they can be shared more simply and between different platforms (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc...). In this way, the app will be massively and quickly adopted by the targeted users, who are mostly the 18-40 years old active people.

The presentation of the team carrying out the project

Our team consists of four UX/UI Designer students, Emilie Schaefer, Simon Heurtebise, Aurélien Colloc and Paul Joly. We designed this project using our respective skills: graphic design, wireframing, prototyping, editing and writing.


If our project is selected, here are the means that will have to be made available in order to carry out our project:

Artistic Direction ≈ €4 000 We lead this project with a will to make the user's experience as pleasant as possible, and thus created a coherent and attractive graphical charter, in addition to a series of joyful digital illustrations and icons.

UX/UI ≈ €4 000 We used our UI & UX Design skills to create a clear and obvious navigation and interaction experience, with a dynamic and beautiful aesthetic.

Development (Android & iOS) ≈ €35,000 In order to ensure fast production and high availability of service, we need to invest in a team of 6 to 7 Full Stack developers...

Host ≈ €5000 The cost of data storage should also be taken into account when creating our application. The price can be variable depending on the quantity of data to be stored.

Project management ≈ €6000 Once the app launched, it will need maintenance so that it evolves with the epidemic.

Application maintenance contract ≈ €8000 It is therefore necessary to keep its application up to date so that it retains its performance and is compatible with new devices and the rules introduced by Apple and Google, which are constantly adding new ones in order to oblige mobile application providers to keep up with developments.

We strongly believe in the impact this service can have on people's behavior and therefore, on the spread of the Coronavirus. We hope we convinced you!

Stay safe and stay home!

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EUvsVirus 2020

Emilie SCHAEFER, Paul JOLY, Simon HEURTEBISE and Aurélien COLLOC

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