We believe that the time we come to the restaurant and the time we get the food too long and we came here to change it. The idea is very simple , all you have to do is to come , get your phone through NFC tag or QR code , get in our website and register, then , you have your time to enjoy. we will send you SMS near the time you would have to get in the restaurant, furthermore , you will get link to the menu of the restaurant for pre-order , before you enter. when you will get in , the dish is going to be ready just for you! (also you have the options to call a waiter and consult him, and pay the bill).

We ran into several challenges , because we never had any experience/knowledge in developing MEANstack or any web service. The main challenge we had was in the server side.

We are proud of our-self because we did learn the whole subject in one day, and succeeded to develop working SPA

We would like to take our self to the next stage and make the new and better version of ResTech , which include better UI and better customer service.

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