Useful in everyday life.

What it does

This project is basically an Alexa skill using Google API. It lists the nearby restaurants based on current location, and can return the contact number as well based on user's selection. You may use Alexa to call upon that number and get necessary information!

How I built it

Need Alexa skills simulator or echo devices, AWS lambda

Challenges I ran into

Calling google API from Alexa, cross-platform challenges took a long time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have done it!!

What I learned

Cross-platform toughness, Alexa is not flexible for sms or voice call, need third-party paid services for using it practically which is problematic in developing phase.

What's next for RestaurantsNearMeUsingGoogleAPI

Extending it for more practical alert, using sms or direct voice calls using third-party software.

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