...Mohd. We were on the brink of quitting and given up all hope. Until we were inspired my Mohd. He pushed us and inspired us to complete our hack. He showed us a simple app he made in a matter of minutes. When we say his motivation and drive to keep going we knew we couldn't give up. We had to at least demo. With 12 hours left and 1 extra hour thanks to day light saving time. We pulled an all nighter and with the help of Mohd and Rohan. We got the hack done and smiles on our faces.

What it does

It is a restaurant managing app, that handles orders, invoices, and seating. It provides a framework for quick communication between staff and it will revolutionize the restaurant business.

How we built it

android-studio compiler, github

Challenges we ran into

having to re-implement lots of our code, having to re-write code and then implement that, sleep deprivation...

Accomplishments that we're proud

re-writing a majority of our code in the last 24 hours

What we learned

So much...

What's next for Restaurant

the sky and beyond...

Built With

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