Google Maps is a widely used app which helps us to find nearby restaurants easily. But its search results can only be sorted by Distance, which is not friendly for those people who do not own cars. Because some restaurants are hard to reach by public transit even they are not far away. Also, for those people who live in different places wanted to have dinner together, it is hard to find a restaurant easy to reach for both/all of them.

So we are inspired to develop an APP which can search and sort restaurants based on the public transit.

Another advanced function we try to implement is RANDOM RESTAURANT, i.e. select one restaurant from all options randomly. We believe this function will be very friendly for those with Choice Phobia Disorder :)

What it does

The entire program can be divided into several parts:

  1. Input Locations / Preferred food type
  2. Search and show the results
  3. Delete those dislike restaurants
  4. Randomly select one from the remaining options until user find a satisfactory option

How We built it

We build this APP through Android Studio. It is mainly built with the Google Maps API. We use it to get the starting location, filter restaurant choices, get bus information.

Challenges We ran into

During collaboration, there were some merge issues with git.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before we determining the topic, we did a lot of brainstorming. During that process, we realize that the knowledge and skills we learn from the class can really solve the problems in life. Also, it feels good to working with friends and finishing the project as we expected. Overall, participating in this event is both challenging and exciting.

What I learned

How to use HTTP request Asynchronous pattern User interface design

What's next for Restaurant Finder

  1. Current interface is rough and needs beautify
  2. Some further functions can be added. e.g. User can save address for next search
  3. ...
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