In Today’s life, everything is going digital day by day. There has been every digital option for all the things. Lots of people who are unaware or new in the city. they are facing lots of difficulties in finding the good restaurant and the food which they want to eat. These problems can be solved using the app.

What it does

INTRODUCTION :- A restaurant finding system which will help people to check for the restaurants according to the dish he/she wants to eat. It will enable the user to look for all the nearest restaurants offering that dish. It will also help the owner of the restaurant for getting more customers for his/her restaurant. It will be beneficial for all the people who are unaware of the place and restaurants. They will easily find the nearest restaurants and can make their day better without any hassle.

Best For

For Customer : Users will be able to find a particular restaurant by providing the restaurant name as an input. Users are also able to sort by a particular restaurant or dishes by price and able to decide the best budget restaurant for his/her. Users will be able to sort the particular restaurant by which type of dishes are available in their restaurant . And It will also help the owner of the restaurant to getting more customers for his/her restaurant.

For Restaurant Owner :

Restaurant owners are able to provide their restaurant name. when customers want to search the restaurant by name. Restaurant owners are able to provide their restaurant address. so customers can reach their restaurant . Restaurant owners are able to provide info which type of food available in their restaurant also set the price of each food and set any discount on any food item.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually, now I can called myself as Fullstack web developer by developing this project without any following tutorial , really !!!

What I learned

To get lots of errors and to find them in limited time but my project is not completed but i am tried my best

How grab to new technology , how to read documentation in effective manner and fast for any tech ,

What's next for Restaurant finder

Future plans We shall add more options like ordering the food from home. Users can book their order at home and eat the food at restaurants. When the user reaches the restaurant, the food is ready .

So to keep it in mind we will also introduce security deposit options. so that cancellation with intention of harm can be avoided.


_there are provided links is not developed by elastic search but this project also done by myself by using react and firebase and i wish to change the backend with elastic search but unfortunately i am not able to complete my project _

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