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Introduction :- Restaurant is a kind of business that serves people all over the world with ready made food. Many restaurants have a lot of difficulty in managing the business such as customer ordering and reservation of tables. By using manual customer ordering it is difficult for the waiter to keep the correct customer information and the information may get lost. The current system (manual system) is not effective and efficient to use anymore. The current system cannot save, manage and monitor the restaurant methodically enough. We need a better restaurant management system in place. This system is developed to automate day to day activity of a restaurant and provide service facilities to restaurants and also to the customer. Application :- The main point of developing this system is to help restaurant administrators manage the restaurant business and help customers for ordering and reserving tables digitally.This restaurant management system can be used by employees in a restaurant to handle the clients, their orders and can help them easily find free tables or place orders. Digital restaurant management systems will help the restaurant administrator to manage restaurant management more efficiently and provide various services to the customers that would make their experience more delightful.

Services Provided :- This restaurant management system provide various services like :-

● Reservation Service Customers can reserve the table that they want as well as access their already reserved table. The system also informs the customer whether the table that they have selected is available for reservation or not.

● Display of Menu The system displays a systematic menu of the items available at the restaurant along with the price of the respective item. The menu is organised into various categories such as salads, desserts, soups, beverages etc.

● Dine In If a customer does not have an already reserved table, the system allows the customer to select an available table for them to dine in at.

● Ordering The system allows the client to place their orders easily. The client is allowed to keep ordering and reordering items from the menu as many times they want and stop when they are done and don’t want to place any further orders.

● Bill Generation The system calculates and generates a systematic bill according to the price and quantity of items ordered by the customer. It also allows the user to use their coupons if they have any and get a discount on the amount that they have to pay.

● Accepts Information from the User The system accepts the customer’s important information like name, contact number, address and the mode of payment and prints this information on their bill.

● About the Restaurant The system allows the user to access certain information about the restaurant like the name of the owner, manager, year of establishment etc. Project Abstract: Although graphics has not been used in this project, the application of user defined functions and structures have been effectively used here. The major user defined functions used in this C project are: • Void choose() • Void seats() • Void showMenu() • Void Display() • Void BillGenerator()

Customer Billing System application is so simple to use. In order to use the application, click at the exe file and then, you will have three options to:

  1. dine-in
  2. Reservation of seat
  3. Already reserved seat
  4. About us As per your need, enter 1, 2, 3,or 4 and follow the instructions provided by the application itself. Lines of code:- 995 ## How we built it I built it through C programming Language .I uses codeblock as a platform for writing and running my code ## Challenges we ran into various challanges faces by me such that sometime bug are arrived in between programs and 1-2 hours are spent in resolving this bugs ## Accomplishments that we're proud of This is my first project in C programming language which is best experience for me to begin ## What we learned i learned that doing programming is a interested part in programmers life it can patch a programmer to real world problems which i can show in our surroundings ## What's next for Restaurant bill Management System Next i am making project in Python Virtual Assistant system(AI) which can recognize my command and work as per requirement

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