Food waste is a major issue prevalent in most US universities, including Purdue. The universities have witnessed a sharp rise in the rate at which food is wasted, especially in the dining courts. The primary reasoning behind this was that college students have lesser time to eat their meals, from taking extra courses to joining clubs alongside working part-time jobs, the average US college student no longer looks forward to his/her meals. So, we decided to bring an impact into the lives of the college students of the United States, starting right here at Purdue.

What it does

It creates a platform for restaurants to post their leftover food here are offer a discount price for anyone interested. Tho currently all we have is a front end where the web is supposed to look and the backend in java with logging method, restaurant changing the amount to discount, and storing data.

How I built it

By java, javascript, and HTML

Challenges I ran into

We couldn't quite connect the backend (in java) to frontend (in HTML and javascript)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I learned a lot about git and GitHub with all the experimenting and playing with it. I also learned more about HTML and javascript.

What's next for RestauDisc

First of all, we need to connect the frontend to backend, and once this is done we need to add the option to allow new restaurants to add their information on the web app.

Built With

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