I once volunteered at a food bank and shelter back in Pittsburgh where I'm from. The man who ran the service, I was to find out, was a veteran. I am thoroughly convinced that he will be the most impassioned and well spoken person I am to ever meet for a long time. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all veterans. In fact, most suffer after they return from a myriad of physical and mental issues. The idea of this project was to give each and every veteran a cause they can rally behind and advocate to help reintegrate them back into society and help charities along the way.

Veterans can set goals (like to attend college or to buy a dog) and pitch various charitable organizations while users are able to donate using Braintree API. In addition, any potential ad revenue is shared among the veterans to help achieve their personal goals. Users can log in and keep track of the projects and causes they have backed and keep contact with the veterans associated with each.

We used Cloud9 as a collaborative platform, using Django and python for the backend and html and css for the front end design.

We had a difficult time integrating Braintree API as well as learning the odds and ends of both front end and back end web development.

We are proud of the smooth interface and the cause we are supporting..

We learned so much more about web development and using APIs.

We plan on reaching out to advertisers to actually incorporate ads and start getting veterans towards their financial goals.

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