Sorry for the brevity. Short on time. Team bailed. Riding in Lyft here. Kept yawning. Idea popped into head. I need rest. Why not provide it as a service. Nowhere to sit down. Someone should deliver a chair or sleeping bag to me. Everyone is tired and overworked. Let's restore diginity into the world by helping each other take a break. For every 3 orders delivered we also help a homeless person in San Francisco by offering them a sleeping bag.

What it does

Request rest. Press a button, an inflatable chair or sofa is delivered to your location. Beach, park, on the street, anywhere! We wait until you get a good rest. No need to go into a coffee shop or go home tired.

How I built it

Perseverence, sheer determination, tons of pressure after my team bailed. Technically, php, javascript, html, css, bootstrap, mapquest api, PayPal braintree api, for the RestAnywhere.Club domain, skills.

Challenges I ran into

Calling businesses and getting someone to believe in the idea. Borrowing 4 sleeping bags. Found one, Pitching. Returning back. Talking to others to validate idea. Getting people to use. Found 2 customers that paid $13 cash to rent sleeping bags overnight. Now its a business.(Sasha and team member). Then integrating 3 APIs in less than 2 hours after finding out nothing was done in my team other than what I did.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Experience in building an actual business in a very short amount of time. Overcoming many obstacles, from integration to getting product to talking to customers and dealing with team falling apart and hacking on this early morning for 2 hours to get the technical part finished. Such a roller coaster ride.

What I learned

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Set a goal, do it. Don't give up. Use your skills.

What's next for RestAnywhere.Club

Helping hard working and hard partying people in the San Francisco get rest while providing support and safety to the homeless population through our human dignity aspect. Partnering with companies to sponsor rest for their employees and giving back.

So much pressure now. I hope the value of this comes across in the pitch on stage. I have anxiety. Need a rest myself. (live soon)

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posted an update

RestAnywhere.Club would be very useful and profitable at TechCrunch Disrupt. Attendees who paid $3,000+ wouldn't have to sit on the floor during lunch time.

Surprised we didn't win. Would have used $$ to service the conference.

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