We were inspired by the idea that you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Every idea is influenced by those before it. Websites like DuckDuckGo offer an alternative to Google's monopolization of the ubiquitous search engine feature where you can regain your privacy in an era where it is constantly fading. Resumes are used by students and professionals in every industry and most existing options are difficult to use, paid, or take your data. In these unprecedented times of virtual meetings and classes, it’s hard to get out and interact with others so we wanted an online alternative focused on your resume that could grow into a network and a community, while respecting your privacy.

What it does

ResReview is a free and simple platform where you can log in with Google in seconds just so we can identify your account. You can upload a copy of your resume in under a minute and begin receiving feedback from peers and mentors who've experienced the situations you face. They can offer hand-tailored advice to place your resume at the top of its game. You can view your resume at any time along with similar resumes in order to connect in a network of individuals and gain more inspiration and fuel for your success.

How we built it

We build ResReview using ReactJS components and CSS on the front-end, along with Flask, and the CockroachDB for the back-end. For login authentication, we relied on Google's OAuth API. The frontend was deployed using Netlify and the backend using Docker and Azure. The resumes are stored in a private AWS S3 bucket. To optimise the backend, indexes were used on certain columns in CockroachDB.

Challenges we ran into

For each of our team members, working on this project for SDHacks was a unique and valuable opportunity to make something meaningful and step away from our familiarities. Most of us had limited experience with the libraries we used and tried to learn during the hackathon. As a result, every step was plagued by mysterious rendering issues, difficulties passing object states, and CSS not working. These issues were overcome with resilience and passion for our project repeatedly as we learned how to implement a Login system in an hour

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are particularly proud of our implementation using the Google OAuth API for our login and log out system, correctly using web query parameters to render pages based on specific IDs, We are proud that we managed to have a functional application in less than 36 hours with the frontend and backend connected and with different timezones.

What we learned

We all learned more about the Github workflow for developing a product in a collaborative setting and how to effectively communicate our issues with mentors and online to quickly resolve them. We each worked with new technologies and improved our skills in those aspects.

What's next for ResReview

ResReview is still in the earliest stages of development. We believe it has the potential to be a community hub and would love to see it grow into something bigger. This weekend’s hackathon was a rough demo that we hoped could show the potential of both the project and our abilities to responsively suit any requirements.

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