In disaster and emergency situations there is some gaps in connecting victims and the response team, the co-ordination efforts across agencies and live status updates. This is an effort to bridge some of those gaps.

What it does:

App that connects people in distress to the first responders and rescuers with a click of a button.

A single click dispatches message to the closest responders and rescuers and provides realtime communication services.

In addition the visibility of the realtime information enables easy coordination across agencies and track current status of an individual.

App also provides information about the nearest shelter, law enforcement and hospitals based on proximity.

How I built it:

Built an iOS app with Xamarin.ios C#.Net language using nexmo API for messaging and calls, ArcGIS API for maps and Amazon-Dynamodb for cloud storage.

Challenges I ran into:

UI design in Xamarin. Integrating nexmo and ArcGIS APIs. Building an App within 12hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We were able to form a team, collaborate and build a full platform from scratch. We faced issue with development environment, and building an iOS app but despite the challenges we made the product work in a short span of time.

What we learned:

Work together as a team, integration of Nexmo and ArcGIS RestEndpoint, develop iOS app and work with Xamarain.

What's next for ResqMi:

Improvements in safe alerts, Risk index using Arity API and realtime video communication between victim and rescuers.

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