The simple pitch behind ResQ: disaster recovery and evacuation are hard.

People crowd the streets making it difficult to quickly evacuate an area. Additionally, for those who choose not to evacuate, they face the possibility of being difficult to find for rescuers. What we've built is a 3 pronged approach.

  1. ResQ Responder: An android application for rescuers that presents them with a triage list prepared by the ResQ ML Engine so as to attempt to save the most lives in the most efficient order. We also provide the ability to view this triage list in AR, making it easy to spot evacuees stuck on roofs or in hard to see places.

  2. ResQ: The user-facing application. Simplicity is the goal. Only asking for user information to create a medical ID and rescue profile we use the application to record their GPS coordinates for rescue, as well as present them with push notifications about impending rescue. An evacuee can also use the application to broadcast his/her location to others.

  3. ResQ ML Engine: The algorithms behind the ResQ platform. These allow us to effectively rank, triage and save victims while minimizing loss of life.

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