I personally love to volunteer in works involving cleaning the locality, Educating people about the measures which we can make to have a good surroundings. And yes, I saw that MLH is hosting a hackathon in this theme. Meanwhile, I also developed an idea where we can really make people to work towards building a great environment and just made up this project. Also, I used the strategy of every other mobile game, like whatever the batch we unlock we can showcase it in the public, Atleast that may help them to contribute to the environment.

What it does

For a user using this app, will be provided with small tasks daily which will help save the planet. They will also get educated about why they need to perform that. And after successfully completing the tasks they will get to unlock badges and earn rewards according to the tasks they have performed.

How we built it

This is built by using Vanilla JavaScript, HTML,CSS in Frontend part and Node.js along with its framework Express for the Middleware and Backend part and MongoDB as the Database.(i.e) [MongoDB Node.js driver] Attempted to build this without using any kind of front-end frameworks.

Challenges we ran into

Since I didn't use any frameworks, I had some minor challenges in making up the layout.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I had never made a full stack application within 2 days..! But, yes this one I had made it within 2 days. And yes, that is really a good improvement for me. And that is something I'm proud of !

What we learned

Got to know more about EJS(Embedded JavaScript).My confidence in building backend applications pretty much improved. And same with the constructing layouts in front-end.

What's next for Responsible_Citizen

I want every citizen to do those tasks which can really help to make a better Environment. After some improvements and fixes, I am thinking of making it public so that everyone can make their contribution to the Surroundings.

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