It was during a random jog. Heart rate and pace data is easily available and it allowed me to set a goal and do better. I thought the same approach towards an awareness and understanding of our safe distancing norms could help.

What it does

There is potential for a scoring system to be implemented so that we are more targeted with our measures and resources, (2) we are able to engender collective responsibility, and (3) move ahead of the infection curve with the possibility of targeting asymptomatic patients. Introduced a Respons-ableSG (R-SG) score that stays on the user's phone and updates offline. Introduced an idea on "probability contagion" where a new contact affects the user's score base on their own past exposure. Developed and simulated an approach to operationalise the relationship between the risk of infection and the economy.

How I built it

The minimum viable product has two web apps written as a proof-of-concept for an operationalisation of the scoring system and the optimisation in selection of firms that can maintain a certain national epidemic threshold. Subsequently, the agent-based model creates an incomplete market model and solves for the general equilibrium by iterating in the asset and labour cartesian space.

Challenges I ran into

There were quite a few. A couple of key ones are about (1) building the system to integrate with the existing GovTech apps which would not be possible without access to source codes, and (2) trying to get firm-level data on the economic production values pre-COVID-19 vis-a-vis now.

What I learned

The fight against COVID-19 is a whole-of-society effort. Shifts in the perceived risks of COVID-19 can impact the economy significantly.

What's next for Respons-ableSG: A Fuse System after the Circuit Breaker

Apart from what was written in the deck, it will help to work with a team of like-minded individuals! Regardless of the eventual strategy, I hope more people will get involved and that the load can be shared to test and develop response plans!

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