This project was inspired by the recent amount of hurricane activity. We noticed the amount of unnecessary traffic and poorly flowing traffic due to insufficient planning going on in Florida and the Caribbean.

What it does

A streamlining platform which generates a more efficient way for citizens to help each other out through the evacuation process. Focusing on the aspects of offering carpooling rides to the nearest safe area— to delivering resources to the nearest shelters, this platform gives a chance for the ones who are the most vulnerable, a second chance to live.

How We built it

  • Uber’s API
  • Designs & prototype through Sketch, Adobe Illustrator & Flinto

Challenges We ran into

  • Managing our time wisely and our strengths/weaknesses in a more efficient way for all to cooperate

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Fully finish designing all screens

What We learned

  • Understanding more of the material design
  • Designing for Android UI/UX worlds
  • The relationship between Design and Development teams

What's next for Respondr

Built With

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