A cousin of mine is an EMT. Every time we talk, he recalls a time when he could have prevented injury or even saved, if only he had been able to respond faster. We decided to build a platform that allows 911 dispatchers and emergency responders to more quickly respond to a situation -- because every second matters.

What it does

Respondly provides 911 dispatchers with a web interface that allows them to easily report a crime, accident, or fire. Based on the location of the emergency and data from emergency vehicles equipped with Vinli, Respondly is intelligently and autonomously dispatch vehicles to the scene. This is done through its companion iOS app, which automatically routes the nearest emergency vehicles to the situation, along with a description. If an emergency vehicle is in a collision or otherwise unable to respond, another vehicle with automatically be dispatched.

How I built it

The webapp is built in javascript, using Parse as a backend to manage emergency situations and police vehicles. The iOS app is written in Swift, utilizing the Vinli Bluetooth SDK to detect crashes.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges with retrieving Vinli data, as the device was not always connecting to LTE.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our ability to autonomously update and route the emergency vehicle, without the necessity for human interaction -- decreasing latency and improving response times.

What I learned

Use of the Google Maps api, as well as Parse Cloud Code.

What's next for Respondly

We plan to expand by creating a civilian app, which would automatically notify emergency personnel in the case of a crash.

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