After a recent episode of fits, where one of our team member experience the vulnerabilities of a human being, he decide to help enable a personal support network for times of emergency. Our main target are people who are at risk of heart attack, crime and terrorist attacks.

With over 1.5 million Americans suffering from heart attack each year, 60% of them do not seek help until it was too late for them. We want to allow these people to be able to seek immediate help from the people around them like their children, co-worker, spouse, secretary, etc. With timely intervention, we can save many lives that might be lost.

What it does

Response is a one tap application. In a single tap, our application will count down 10 seconds before it alerts all your emergency contact of your situation through a phone call. If you have the luxury of another two taps, you can narrow down the context for the type of emergency you are in and help solicit more informed assistance from your loved ones.

Response reach out to your support network in many ways. It primarily sends them a customised phone call but the user may add additional features. It can also send these messages to the user social profiles such as Facebook and twitter.

In situation like acute heart attack in the office, posting it to your social network may save your life when your co-worker picked up the message and come for your rescue. Other use cases for our app includes terrorist attack, natural disaster, stalker, armed conflict,

How we built it

Our team is split into the visual, front-end application development and back-end server development. For front-end ios application, we used a mix of xcode and Appcelerator to complete both app on phone and on iWatch. For back-end server application, we made use of built on express.js. It allows us to spin up the application API as quickly as we need. We have also used Twilio API to make emergency phone calls and IFTTT to implement the social features.

Challenges we ran into

Although we are developing ios apps, we do not have sufficient Mac laptops. This results in the bottleneck. Additionally, one of the machine was running a older version of xcode and os, resulting in a loss of a few hours as well wait for the os to upgrade. We also encounter several technical issue with iWatch as we have no previous encounter or experience with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This hackathon is the first for 3 out of 4 of us. We are mostly proud of our first step. As for the application, we are proud to have an app with sleek design, simple usage and unlimited possibility. The API server we have allows others to build on top of what we have done and pave way for more possibilities.

What we learned

Time management Photoshop Objective C Javascript

What's next for Respond

Strategic partnership

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