Inspiration - The Coronavirus that has affected many people has made an impact globally. The virus symptoms includes respiratory infections. Detecting the virus early can prevent spreading towards a large population.

What it does - A mobile application that can pickup audio to detect the frequency and duration of coughing and sneezing to determine if there is a possible illness.

How I built it - Android Studio, XML, Python, Java, AWS Sagemaker, Polly, Quantiphi - Source Separation. Data set obtained from AudioSet (

Challenges I ran into - separating the audio from other noises. Obtaining certain audio from the dataset and applying it to algorithm for training. Also linking the mobile app with Sagemaker via endpoints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - learning how to apply machine learning techniques towards application building and development.

What I learned - how to incorporate machine learning in application development.

What's next for Virus Detector - hopefully put to use to help combat the Coronavirus.

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