In the current pandemic, many students are required to take their lessons virtually and sometimes this could be a challenge as it is not the same as having an in person experience. This made me think of creating a way to help virtual learners in areas/subjects that they need help understanding.

What it does

ResourceFinder allows students from different places to upload resources they might want to share and allow other students to use these to enhance their learning experience

How I built it

I used HTML and CSS to build a UI that would display existing resources and allow people to upload resources.


While working on the form, I ran into many bugs but managed to fix them in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am excited about this idea as I think it can make learning easier and more accessible for millions of students.

What I learned

I learned several new skills in HTML and CSS through this experience.

What's next for ResourceFinder

I am going to be expanding on this further in the future as currently I only have the UI piece and am trying to work on an approach to store and populate these.

Built With

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