“How can we help YOU?” is what our app strives to accomplish. Resource Request is a user-friendly phone application that works to connect Syrian refugees with one other, as well as with local support groups that work to provide basic necessities to needy families. It essentially a social media app that works to guide users to available resources; these resources being food, medicine, education, jobs, and shelter.

Not only is Resource Request focusing on connecting displaced families due to the Syrian crisis, it allows for others (like you and me) to get involved and proactive as well through profile connections. Our app targets also non-government organizations that are want to advertise their offered services, as well as recruits new volunteers. This app also targets the common population who desire to become involved with helping these displaced families. Here they can include what they’re willing to offer (such as companionship, food, etc.) within their program description.

Depending on the category of user determines the profile layout. Based on the initial questionnaire (during registration) we hope to team up with a conditional survey specialist that is able to categorize the type of user depending on the answers the user has given. These main categories are: Displaced Citizen, Local Volunteer, and Non-Government Organization.

If the user is considered a “Displaced Citizen”, the app will focus solely on emphasizing the resources available to the user, and based on answers from the questionnaire will determine a personalized resource page as well as local jobs or educational opportunities depending on his or her interests.

If the user is considered a “Local Volunteer” or “Non-Government Organization”, the app will focus solely on trying to connect the user with Displaced Citizens. Their profile layout will focus entirely on highlighting the resources they’re able to provide.

Overall, this app wants to help the user, in matters of basic necessities and emotional support.

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