With new hackers joining in every week and trying their hands at all the technologies available, I can't help but think of the first time I started with my projects. Especially everyone starting out with hardware for the first time. The variety of options available and the number glitches possible can be daunting. So I decided to create a simple hack with raspberry pi, that updates the goole sheets using the apis.

What it does

It has 2 types of simple hacks. One is a data logger, it is a simple script that logs any kind of data into a google sheet. The second is a bluetooth connector, it conncets to any nearby bluetooth device using low energy connection and helps in exchanging the data.

What's next for Data Logger

I am planning to add more ways of exchanging data between iot devicescalong with detailed instructions in the readme file, so that it can be a comlete library of starting to connect different devices. I am also planning to add some open source RTOS frameworks like zephyr so that people can explore more options and appreciate the extent of the possibilities.

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