Economic situations like the Global Recession and Covid 19 helped shed light on the financial fragility of many small businesses that we love. These experiences inspired us to design a web-based solution that would help small businesses reduce costs and use their resources to their full potential.

Therefore, Resource Collective was built to help enterprises minimize their losses and maximize their unused capital by interacting with other businesses so they can share resources such as human capital, equipment, and facilities to sustain their operations for the long run.

The development of the solution was built using a visual-based platform like Weebly, to build and style pages for the site. For processing and storing the user data on our site, we used Caspio as our database server. Throughout the creation of this solution, we faced many challenges that we needed to consider and overcome such as how we could connect a database to the site. What platform is best for use? Why isn't the localhost working? Is it time to pivot to a third-party manager for our database?

However, regardless of these challenges, we were able to take pride in developing a solution that is meant for small business owners. We have conducted surveys to really understand the problems and sentiments small business owners share. To build a solution that not only has huge potential but is able to address an issue that can be solved through community support is in itself a huge achievement given the time period we had.

The lesson learned from the experience involves how simple solutions can make a difference to small business owners. From a technical point of view, we learned about database management and visual platform design.

How does Resource collective move forward from here? Resource collective now operates on a web-based platform because we believe that in order to build an inclusive community we need to think of the difficulties in accessing internet resources as many firms or individuals might not have access to a smartphone. The next step for Resource Collective is to branch into an app-based solution in addition to including a marketplace that will list the resources available to be utilized.

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