As more and more people indulge into technology, the curiosity to learn how each application works continues to grow. All this information is at our finger tips, but which ones work and which ones don't?

Resource, is the compilation of filtered teaching sites used by students and teachers. Simply submit a category of interest such as Hardware, Software, Swift or Hadoop and links to sites of good teaching and practice are listed on your screen. Using a voting system to see which sites are used or recommended by users, Resource lets users see how each site compares to similar sites. Resource also encourages the exploration of new learning tools by allowing users to submit sites they have found on their own to share with fellow learners.

We hope Resource can be your starting point when you want to dive into Ruby on Rails, Python Frameworks or just want a fun Programming Challenge!

Your Resource Team, Michael Bishoff, Hallie Lemox, Celeste Wong

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