"What kind of music do you listen to" can be a very awkward question to answer, so we wanted to make an easy way to display your taste and show it to your friends

What it does

Spotify integrated webapp that lets you build and customize a page displaying your music taste. Pulls information from your spotify account and generates aesthetic blocks that you can drag and drop onto your profile page.

How we built it

MERN stack. Store user info in mongodb, spotify api backend calls with node/express, and frontend with blocks in react.

Challenges we ran into

Responsive drag and drop requires a surprising amount of logic Spotify Oauth is kind of hard

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made this from scratch, very few external libraries

What we learned

Making stuff from scratch is hard

What's next for Resonance

Adding more features like spotify preview clips, a mobile version, and potentially an app store release

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