We all make new year goals. We all try to follow up on those but most of us give up too soon. The idea behind this skill is to allow you to log the number of days you have been following up on your new year resolution and tweet your progress with your followers! Being able to keep track of your goals and being public about it will motivate you towards actually doing what you have planned for yourself!

The idea is inspired by the #100DaysOfCode Challenge on Twitter which inspires members to keep tabs on their coding activity and share their progress through Twitter. Millions of people today are a part of this challenge and it has grown into a great community!

But that "Code" part could be anything with this Alexa skill. It doesn't matter if you are trying to code everyday or trying to quit smoking. With this Alexa skill, you will be able to track your progress and share it with your followers and people who care about you very easily.

What it does

Resolution Tracker helps you track your new year goals and Tweet your progress with your followers! Let Alexa handle the mundane aspect of tracking your progress while you focus on those goals!

It's really simple to use:

Initially you need to link your Twitter account through the Alexa app while enabling the skill.

Maintaining Logs : You can simply add the number of days you have spent following up on those goals with just three words: add four days (to my logs)

Tweeting: Just ask resolution tracker to tweet! And Alexa will post your logs on your behalf on Twitter.

Know your logs: Ask resolution tracker to tell your logs and Alexa will tell you about your progress!

Reset: This works like an undo command, undoing your last added logs!

How we built it

This skill was built using the Alexa Skills Kit for NodeJS and hosted using AWS Lambda. Also uses DynamoDB for storing the logs.

Challenges we ran into

Twitter account linking was a major challenge for us. But we persisted and with a little help from the awesome Alexa developer community, we managed to get it done!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely happy about getting Twitter linking to work!

What we learned

We learned a lot about the Alexa Skills KIt, voice design principles, DynamoDB, serverless computing, Twitter account linking with oauth and a lot about JavaScript (and its many quirks we had to deal with through this project :)

What's next for Resolution Tracker: New Year Goals tracker for Alexa!

There are a lot of things we would like to further improve when we have enough time. For example, letting the user provide a custom Tweet message instead of the default and a support for different hashtags.

Most importantly, we would like to provide some sort of a social context, some means through which people can motivate each other through Alexa to keep working towards whatever goal they have set for themselves.

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