As a child, nothing made me want to do something more than being told I shouldn’t do it, wouldn’t do it, couldn’t do it. So, when I was in the kitchen with my mom, and she told me not to touch the stove, I made sure to do it. When my friends told me I was too chicken to jump from the top of the play structure, I did and won a sprained ankle for my bravery.

While my experience with this defiant stubbornness has not been the most positive, it got me thinking that it would be really powerful if we could leverage this form of motivation to work towards the things we want instead of burning our fingers and spraining our ankles.

Enter Resolve: a blockchain-based betting app that applies this form of motivation to help users achieve their new year’s resolutions.

🔍What it does

Our app encourages users to commit to their new year's resolution through reverse psychology and monetary incentives.

It is simple:

1) User A commits to a new year's resolution 2) Other users bet on when User A will fail their resolution 3) If User A completes their resolution, they receive the entire pool; otherwise, if they fail, the pool is distributed among the users who guessed within a certain range of the day that User A failed their resolution. The closer the bet, the higher the percentage of the pool!

🔨How we built it

Our application runs on the Ethereum blockchain. We programmed a solidity smart contract using truffle suite and remix ide. We programmed react UI to match and used ether.js to make calls to the smart contract from the frontend.

🚧Challenges we ran into

-time (maybe we were a little too ambitious...) -implementing the algorithm to distribute the betting pool was difficult (especially in solidity) -because of breaking changes in webpack v5, we had difficulty importing our beloved web3.js and had to compromise by working with ether.js instead

🏆Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the idea behind our betting application. We think it is fun and well-thought-out. We also think the UI looks pretty neat.

📚What we learned

This was a new tech stack for us! We had to learn everything from solidity to react! It was both a frustrating and rewarding process that definitely trained our problem solving skills.

🚦What's next for Resolute

Resolute is just starting! We have lots in store for the future! First off, we hope to finish integrating our smart contract with our react frontend. After this hackathon, we plan to finish this application by programming more calls to our smart contract and using IPFS to store proofs.

We would also like to explore better ways to store funds from the betting pool. Along with other features to verify the integrity of proofs uploaded to ensure that people aren't cheating their goals.

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