Millions of people around the world in developing countries do not have access to quality education, good internet connectivity or are worst disconnected from the internet. As the world is moving fast, they loose the chance of learning new skills that would help them get modern jobs.

What it does

ReSkill is an online platform that allows instructors to create and deliver engaging online courses to students in developing countries leveraging on the Facebook Messenger platform.

A course can be built using the online tool with several topics, course content, and assessments.

The course is in turn delivered to students who interact with the instructor's page on Facebook Messenger.

We have created a test course for the demo to show how ReSkill works -

How we built it

We brainstorm about the problem and ran it by the education sustainable development experts to figure out the best way of delivering this experience while keeping in mind these students have less access to the internet.

We started working on the web platform that allows the instructors to create and manage courses by login in using their Facebook accounts and connecting their pages.

All course content and assessments are in turn automatically available for the students on the Facebook Messenger platform to learn and access themselves.

Challenges we ran into

As usual, choosing the right technology stack and Facebook tools was challenging, but we quickly passed that and get started building. We also ran into issues with permissions on the Facebook Pages API - A Facebook Engineer was able to assist us to get past that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing a medium of learning to underprivileged people to gain the skills they need to stay relevant in this new age of accelerating technological advancement where traditional jobs keep disappearing.

What we learned

Educationists are already leveraging tools like Facebook groups to engage with students but are not sufficient to enable students with different learning abilities to learn beyond the classroom walls in a self-paced environment that is assessable and engaging.

What's next for ReSkill

We hope to see this tool being used by educationists in teaching new skills to students in developing countries. Beyond that, we would like to build the tool on Whatsapp. This will allow course contents to be accessed by millions of people around the world who had zero access to advanced learning opportunities.

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