There is a gap between the digital skills people have and those needed to live, learn, and work. Incorporating work and industry-focused adult courses could help bridge this gap.

The people have been made unemployed, furloughed, or made redundant due to digital technologies or major pandemics like COVID-19, thus inviting the need to upskill to improve your prospects.

What it does

Introducing adult learning platform that would help them to upskill/reskill by training industry-focussed courses.

The platform would also run recruitment drives that would help businesses, organizations, or industries to hire people based on the skills acquired.

Thus, besides training people it also tries to eradicate unemployment by bridging the gap between people’s skills and job requirements.

How we built it

To successfully upskill/reskill it is important to understand the human capital in particular geography along with addressing the type of industrial needs. Let’s begin the journey.

  • Analyze the situation and define the initiative
  • Design a skills plan
  • Assess and advise individual employees
  • Select training and its providers
  • Create Recruitment drives to match jobs and engage workers
  • Administer and Improve based on feedback and results


How does it work?

The architecture describes the workflow. upSKILL-arch

Initially, it seemed difficult to build the prototype, however, it was much easier when started with a grand stack-starter template.

  • The database schema is usually the trickiest part of a project. I started by creating the schema and attaching it with the graphql server.
  • Added neo4j credential to make the API server live.
  • Modified the sample React app (in the starter template) to take care of the front-end rendering with dummy data.
  • Connect react with apollo server to connect with the GraphQL API server.
  • Modified the design of the react app using `material-UI.

A sincere thanks to the neo4j team (a special thanks to William Lyon for the Youtube videos explaining the GRAND Stack).

Tech Stack

neo4j, react, apollo, graphql, grand stack, material-ui

Challenges we ran into

Graphs have been a horror to me since I took Data Structures and Algorithm course at my university. However, GraphQL and neo4js changed my perspective, and using them has been quite exciting for me.

Starting with GraphQL, query, mutation, etc. was difficult to grasp and implement. After the API and the front end were done. Connecting them presented the main challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning GraphQL, neo4j has been fun and exciting and it's the best accomplishment that I am proud of. :smile:

Recommendations Recommendations are a crucial element of modern service platforms. upSKILL, as it is based on graph database neo4j, incorporates the same.

  • The upSKILL platform provides job recommendations based on the skills of the user.
  • It also provides necessary skill recommendations to start/reskill/upskill with the careers.

Understanding the current pandemic scenario and helping for its betterment is one of the things I am proud of

What we learned

The most important thing learned is graphs are fun 😄. I learned about graph-based technologies (GraphQL && Neo4j Databases). I also learned the Cypher query language.

What's next for reSKILL

Feedback and improvement are vital parts of learning.

The platform will incorporate feedback mechanisms in the learning-hiring loop for better management of courses and job applications.

Hope you enjoyed the Idea 😄.

A sincere thanks to Neo4j and Devpost for creating an opportunity through the Hackathon.

Have a beautiful day 😊.

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