The COVID-19 crisis has reached us all. Our prototype is intended to provide countries, cities and companies (internally) with the possibility to display COVID-19 quick test results graphically. Users can register with an email address, enter their personal data and upload their test results. These can be updated continuously and are all listed on the test results page. After registering and uploading results, you can decide whether the results should be visible to other users. If you agree, an entry will be added to the map. Independent of the approval to publish your data, a second interface will allow administrators (countries, cities) to get an overview.


  • register and log in using your own email address and password. Alternatively you can also use Google Login.

  • edit and add personal details

  • decide if you want to be contacted and if your data should be published

  • view your own details, test results and an interactive map on the overview page

  • navigate, zoom and search for cities in the interactive map to see the results of others in different cities and countries

  • upload an image of the quick test result and select the appropriate result

How we built it

In the beginning we structured our idea roughly. Next, we created mockups for the interface and discussed features to be implemented. Then we started with the setup of the Firebase backend and the basic setup of React. After this step was successfully completed, we divided the components to be implemented among each other and started with the implementation. On Sunday morning we started testing and evaluating the features implemented so far. After the first tests were successful, the implementation of security features such as password hashing and general improvements to the user interface and map display followed.


In case you're facing any issues on the deployed page or during the checkout of the github repo please file an issue on github:

Possible features

  • localization for other languages than english
  • QR or barcode scanning
  • admin overview UI
  • enhanced mobile view
  • implement functionality to show registered cases in real time on map
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