In recent months, all across the world people have been coming out of their homes to protest against police brutality and for things like the Black Lives Matter Movement and women's rights and equality. We were inspired by this and wanted to create an app that would help people find nearby protests and rallies where they could express their voice. Generation Z has been very vocal on their opinions and many peers I know are protesting along, posting images on social media (black out Tuesday on Instagram).

What it does

Using a Google Maps API, app users are able to look for different protests and rallies near them. Markers on the map show where the rally will be held and when clicked on, gives more information about what day and time to protest or rally is. They can show the markers to their friends who can scan it on their phone giving a new and useful way to spread information. To use these markers, we used echoAR's augemented reality function. There are two QR codes below that you can scan on your phone to test these functions.

How I built it

We first designed it through Figma (link below) and used Android Studio to build it out. Both Aditya and I have never used Android Studio and had some trouble getting started. After getting the hang of designing the xml files, using connecting them to the class files, we had lots of fun making the project. For the email and password authentication, we used Firebase's realtime databse which we connected through the tools page in android studio. To connect it through echoAR, we linked the QR images to the onclick method of the map. Using google maps API was a challenge for us as it was very difficult for us to understand how to get the location of the user and how to use fragments. However, we found some documentation on the basics of the API that allowed us to expand to find the users location.

What's next for Resist

We are hoping to expand resist to include a messaging service so that people can communicate with others who may be interested in attending the same protests or rallies as them. We also want to find a way to parse through Facebook and Twitter posts using AI to find posts about rallies and protests.

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