Everyday in our lives we are consumed by our technology and are not connected to our communities. We don't utilize the opportunities that we have in order to solve problems together efficiently.

What it does

Our app, ResiCom, would provide a platform for people to list their needs and have it answered by their neighbors on a simple interface. Need a tutor? No problem. Need a quick grocery run? Your neighbors are here for you. You can also contribute to your community by accepting needs from the people near you who you can find through a map interface. A notification tab alerts you of the state of your needs and what you have accepted to help you keep track of everything.

How we built it

Using Xcode, our team worked together to learn a completely new language and platform through mentors and going to workshops. We used multiple screens and linked many elements in the ViewController to our code in order to create complex functions.

Challenges we ran into

At first, every member on the team didn't know where to start. We all had no experience working with Xcode, so beginning was a little difficult. We consulted online forums to help us find solutions to our problems. When that proved futile, we went on Discord and asked for a mentor proficient in Swift/Xcode to help us think of ways to solve the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having going into this Hackathon with no Swift/Xcode experience, and being able to create an interactive app to help others, we're proud of being able to adapt and learn how to code on a completely new coding platform within 20 hours.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate with new people, work with a new coding language, Swift, and work on Xcode.

What's next for ResiCom

Our MVP includes many features that we plan to build upon in the future. For example, we hard coded some of the distances in our MVP; however, we have created the foundations of a distance calculator between inputted ZIP codes and can further this by later on calculating distance between addresses.

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