For our project we were trying to optimize time and costs of downloading lessons from eLimu using a BRCK wifi connection. Because the BRCK uses 3G and requires large file downloads, it costs each student roughly $22 to complete each download, which must be done every two weeks. We tried to minimize internet usage as much as possible to keep costs down. For this purpose, we streamlined the software download so it requires no more internet than that to get the files onto the classroom's RaspberryPi and no technical knowledge to operate the software than unplugging and plugging back in the Pi. To do this, we created an interface with the open source software Polipo, which allows the Pi to cache the first instance of the request when the Androids are set up to use the Pi as a proxy server. This will reduce costs to an average of $0.50 as there are around 50 students per class. We envision our interface as an unnoticeable program that routes requests according to need with no necessary input from the user beyond setup of the androids and RaspberryPi, which can be done remotely.

Built With

  • polipo
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