Have you ever went to a restaurant just to find that there is no where to sit?

Have you ever wanted to grab a study room at the library just to find they are all full, or that the reservation and room schedules give you little information about how big the room is or the layout of the room itself?

Have you ever had to plan an event with limited seating, and wanted a way for your attendees to RSVP and plan space for yourselves? Perhaps trying to find enough Hackerspace?

ReserveSeatsFor.me is a website that solves all these problems. For customers, they are able to use search to find businesses, libraries, and events that use the software to create 'floor plans', and reserve space for themselves through an easy to use web interface. Users can see what seats are available, if there are handicap accessible seats, and how busy a location is just from a quick peek at the locations online floor plan.

For those wanting to use this to schedule their space, this allows you to ensure your space is being utilized to it's potential.

Have a restaurant that always has a spare seat or two? Put it online and have users reserve and come in to fill those empty seats.

Launching an event, such as a hackathon, and need to ensure you have enough space? Have your attendees fill an RSVP in a form of a reservation and have them claim the space they'll need for the event.

In charge of planning and scheduling studying space at your University Library? Simply upload a floor plan of all the study rooms in your building, and have students reserve them online in real time.

Teaching a class and have limited seating? Have students sign in and claim seats in your classroom!

The possibilities are endless! With the world becoming more interconnected than ever before, and space becoming increasingly limited, it only makes sense to utilize technology to help us ensure what space we do have is being used efficiently.

(I couldn't get a server, but this runs in a browser if you were to download it from Github, link included.)

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