The period of confinement has shown us that it is possible to change our daily habits overnight and how quickly our lifestyle changes can affect our environment. We would like to capitalize on this new awareness in order to move away from a fossil fuel dependent economy towards a green economy in order to halt climate change and to increase overall health (less air pollution, etc.). The goal is to change mentalities so that people see what they can do in their daily life and that these changes, multiplied by millions, significantly lowers demand for fossil fuel, forcing the oil industry to change.

What it does

BLACK TO GREEN will be an international educational platform towards a postCovid Green Minded World thanks to a Transmedia approach gathering films and videos from students and experts on the environmental crisis which led to the current pandemic disaster.

How we built it

SLAMteam19 is a sub-team from the SLAM lab (Synergies Languages Arts & Music) @UEVE @ParisSaclay, we debriefed. We're trained to conceive symposiums, books, films... We will coach students to research the elements necessary for the creation of BLACK TO GREEN films and video games aimed at environmental issues such as changing people’s habits of consumption and transportation. Our financial strategy will imply University Funding through the lab and we’ll be approaching sponsors such as Climate4Change, the World Bank and European Foundations. To launch this project we need 60 000€/y to buy equipment and start the research development phase for the video game. The platform will screen in several languages 3 mn demos on environmentally correct behavior.

Challenges we ran into

Rechanneling our own energy from dark black towards light green.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

SLAM conceived S.C.R.I.P.T., a series of books published by L'Entretemps including for instance Scénaristes de la paix. Now we go #BlackToGreen. We had a Green UEVE week revolving on Environmentally Displaced persons and Climate Changes.

What we learned

We need a collective mind to improve the world. Challenges increase our inner energy.

What's next for BLACK TO GREEN

We will team up with different production companies to fulfill this educational agenda. Please contact us on this page. It's an open call. You can also reach out to us by mail. Team Leader contact: OUR GOALS Create & Promote Videos on:

Fire line: To give a fireman training to all To geolocalize water sources To create fire alarm censors in forests

Water line: To reduce our water consumption To offer water access to all To revamp water ways of transportation

Earth line: To give priority to short food supply chains To reduce exposure to pesticides To promote sustainable transportation

Air line: To reduce carbon equivalent emissions To reduce air pollutants To improve resilience to the propagation of pathogens

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