• As college students, one of the most difficult things to do is to split the bill for grocery payments. Everyone in the house wants a different combination of items, and paying back the purchaser has become a bi-weekly ordeal. We were inspired by the need that we saw for an application such as the one we created, and the potential that this work could have for data collection and health.

What it does

  • This app uses a single photo and a tap-to-select iOS UI to split a bill between people, record a category, and prepare receipt data to send to the cloud.
  • Data can be used for tracking nutrition based on different food bought

How we built it

  • We learned how to use Xcode and Swift to program this app, using google Firebase's text reading AI kit.

Challenges we ran into

  • The ML Kit wasn't as accurate as we expected, and parsed data differently than expected.
  • We had to narrow down the text to parse through, as the kit read the entire receipt
  • We were new to Xcode, Swift, Google Firebase, and cloud computing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We learned how to code with Xcode
  • We learned how to set up cloud computing for our project
  • We implemented regex that would correctly filter the receipt to read necessary items
  • We were able to make a data table based on the ML read of the receipt and create a UI based on the data

What we learned

  • Swift and Xcode, IOS development.
  • Cloud computing

What's next for reSEEt: see your receipts in a new light

  • We want to be able to handle more data than just the item name and cost. We want to read the date, location, shop type, payment method, etc.
  • Better UI with more settings for easier use of the app.
  • ML training for auto-categorization of groceries

Built With

  • firebase-text-recognition
  • swift
  • xcode-uikit
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