+Project for YHack 2015. By Purnima Mehta, Nikki Sigurdson, Michael O'Connell, Qile Wang


This program could be used by companies to sort through resumes systematically and find the best job candidates based on what's available about the candidate on the internet.

The way we identify the best candidates is by searching their names and related other key terms (like their location) through the google python API, and then parsing through the data available on relevant search results to see if data from their resume can be backed or supported by what is online about them.

This project recieves resume information input from the user and parses the resume and then internet search results for relations to key terms from said resume. Data is recieved through a Django web app and then stored in a sqllite3 database.
The whole program is written in python.

Companies and buisnesses will find this program useful because it allows them to systematically identify the best potential future employees with minimal human intervention. This means less people have to do the dirty work of resume parsing. Events like Hackathons give companies access to more resumes than they can handle by hand anymore. This program becomes especially important as employers continue to get more and more resume submissions from young people in STEM and IT as we continue in the 21st century.

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