This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

What inspired us

As first years, we know how hard it is to grind to get research in your lower years. We understand the pain of getting curved by professors, getting left on seen, rejected, being told you're not good enough. With this sympathy in mind, we wanted to show the rest of our fellow U of C students, that we care for you. We, at Shootaaazzz, really do, care for you. You are good enough. You are worthy of rubbing rocks together to determine friction coefficients for 4 months. In order to help, we created a platform where professors can simply share their project details and what kind of students they are looking for. It's simple and sweet. And we know how much you would appreciate if professors could simply just say they don't want first years, before they ignore your emails for three weeks and you cry yourself to sleep for the next 4 days. Please vote for us.


Firstly, run "npm install" to install all dependencies.

Then "npm run install-client"

After instaling dependencies,

run "npm run dev" to initiate web app. Ensure port 3000 and 8080 are not in use.

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